How Dirty Is Washington DC Compared To Other US Cities?

According to a review of government data by the cleaning-services company Busy Bee, New York City is the dirtiest metropolis in the United States, with more pests and litter than anywhere else. The company ranked 40 urban areas across the country based on pest and litter data from the American Housing Survey, air pollution data from the Environmental Protection Agency,...

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How to Cool Down When Your Ventilation System is Broken?

Nothing lasts forever. So we have to learn to live it up, take chances, and avoid all that drama that surrounds us. But, it's so hard to live in the moment when your A/C is broken, and the thermometer is showing the extreme summer temperatures. You have every reason for panic unless you have succeded to schedule an urgent...

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Natural ventilation vs Mechanical ventilation

Natural ventilation Natural ventilation, as the name implies, is a system using natural forces to supply fresh air for comfort and heat dissipation. As an alternative to mechanical ventilation, this approach relies on the natural wind force and buoyancy to deliver fresh air to indoor spaces. For most of human history, natural ventilation was the only way to dilute and...

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Stuffy Air In The Office

There is no surprise that air in the office can be of poor quality, especially during summer days. Small rooms can often build up heat and carbon dioxide from breath and other substances. You might complain about headaches, respiratory problems, feel uncomfortable, and not be able to work adequately. You might also catch yourself saying: “I need some air!”....

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4 HVAC Facts That You Need to Know!

Having a clean, properly functioning heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system is vital for maintaining a healthy and viable living environment. Everyone how has an HVAC system knows how to keep it as clean and efficient as possible. But here are some of the facts that you need to know and follow. 1. Nine out of Ten HVAC system failures...

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How To Use Air Conditioning Properly?

The summer months are hard to handle without air conditioning. However, we should use the air conditioner properly from setup to turning it on. Where to place the air conditioner? Special attention should be paid to where you place the device in the home. It should not be turned so that it blows directly towards the place where people most often...

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How To Get Rid Of Cooking Smells

Fried onion. Spicy curry. Broiled fish. These are just some of the food odors that smell great when they are served but so awful the next day when the smell lingers. What can you do to minimize pungent cooking odors? Clean your kitchen regularly Keep your kitchen clean. Wipe the floor and make sure that the refrigerator and shelves are tidy. Remember to...

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Where Does All the Dust is Coming From?

More than half of dust and debris that sticks on the furniture and floors come from poorly cleaned air conditions. During time ventilation collects all kinds of microorganisms that can be brought back in the room. You have to find a perfect solution to keep your ducts clean and clear, and your family happy and healthy. Strict hygiene rules are especially...

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7 Dirtiest Places in Your House

We all have different cleaning habits, most of us are doing basic chores at least once a week, such as vacuuming, dusting, or washing the bathroom. But what about thorough, detailed cleaning? Nobody likes that, but it has to be done. If you are not custom to cleaning or you find the bacteria and germs repulsive, you may be...

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Godzilla Dust Cloud

Saharan dust is a mixture of sand and dust from the Sahara, the vast desert area that covers most of North Africa. Meteorologists say that June and July are the peak months for Saharan dust storms to affect the tropical Atlantic. The cloud, about the size of the entire continent, is coming to the US and is expected to produce...

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