Safety Tips for Pets: Winter Edition

If you own a pet, make sure your HVAC equipment is not hazardous to them. You can find some HVAC tips below for keeping your pets safe and warm this winter.

Extreme Cold

Cold is better handled by animals than by humans. Most pets grow thicker fur in the winter, but some short-hair breeds may be more sensitive to low temperatures, so don’t set the thermostat below 68 degrees.

Use vent covers

Animals, especially small ones, are curious and enjoy getting into small spaces. Often, they are unaware of the danger and get stuck in the vents very quickly. Deny your pet access to areas that pose a safety hazard, such as vent covers.

Keep your pets away from heating equipment

Handling your heating or cooling equipment should be safe. Pet owners should take some safety measures to ensure their pets cannot access and play with the equipment. It can cause them injuries and also damage your HVAC system.

What can you do to ensure your equipment and pets’ safety?

  • Put a fence around the area where pets can easily enter and get stuck
  • Keep rooms with heating and cooling equipment locked
  • Inspect areas of your home for potential threats to ensure your pet is safe from harm
  • Teach animals to keep away from certain areas in your home
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