Can Sitting in Front of AC Make You Sick?

We must admit, winter or summer, sitting in front of the heating source or the AC is everyone’s favorite activity. Nothing feels better than a cool breeze on a hot summer day or lukewarm air after spending the whole day outside in the snow. Little that we know is that our favorite activity can make us sick.

Why Sitting in Front of an AC Can Make Us Sick?

Air conditioning and vents are a breeding ground for mildew and bacteria growth. If it is not clean enough, an air conditioner will only circulate the allergens, debris, and dust present in ducts. They can help dry out the air, cause stuffy noses, sore throats, breathing difficulties.

Some of the Symptoms Caused by Sitting Under AC

  • AC can increase or decrease the surrounding temperature to extremes which can affect humidity level and cause dry mouth, crack lisps, and dehydration. If you suddenly feel thirsty while sitting next to AC, make sure you switch a place.
  • If an itchy nose or a sudden nose bleed surprises you, it might be that you have spent a couple of hours sitting under the AC.
  • If you’re dragging or feeling extreme fatigue, remember that AC can worsen your health state, particularly if the immune system is compromised.

If you notice some of the symptoms listed above, stop sitting under your AC. Also, you may call your local HVAC technician to schedule a cleaning.

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