Prepare Your HVAC For Winter Holidays

The holidays are here, and most Americans take vacations around this time. Besides the holidays, it is a time of frequent weather changes and low temperatures, so keep your HVAC safe and sound while you are away from home.

Check your heating system

Make sure that the furnace and heating system work properly. Check the thermostat, air filter, and other parts to ensure they are functional.

Install a humidification system

This system will automatically detect humidity problems and remove extra moisture from your home to the ideal humidity range.

Don’t turn off the HVAC system

Don’t turn off the system completely. Reduce the thermostat to an appropriate, lower temperature, about 5 to 10 degrees. It will help protect art, books, or other sensitive possessions while on vacation.

Clean the area around indoor air vents

Leave about a 3-foot clearance around indoor air vents, and ensure distance from anything that can burn. Also, clean the space around the HVAC unit both indoors and outdoors.

Don’t forget to schedule a winter HVAC cleaning before your vacation.

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