Can Ice Damage Your Outdoor Units?

If you have an outdoor heat pump or central air conditioning with an outdoor compressor, consider that snow and ice could damage it. Therefore, it is a smart idea to keep an eye on your exterior unit during the winter.

Ice can form on your outdoor unit or heat pump if the refrigerant temperature drops below zero. Ice on your HVAC unit wastes energy and can cause damage or failure. If that’s the case, turn the system off, check for problems if there are any, and contact a professional if necessary.


If refrigerant does not flow through the coil properly, it will form ice. So, check your refrigerant twice if you must.

Air filter

If you already have some ice on the unit, change your dirty air filter and wait for the ice to melt before you turn the system back on. Clean or replace your evaporator coil to prevent ice from forming.

Look at your condenser 

AC condensers are especially vulnerable because most of their main parts are exposed. Check your condenser. Condenser coil fans are easy to damage because when moisture gets in between, they can freeze over and cause damage.

Regular maintenance and cleaning can help prevent some serious issues with your units.

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