Winter Ventilation

It is easy to air out a room – just open the window. However, leaving the window open for too long during the winter will cause the room temperature to drop, resulting in an increase in the heating bill.

Why is it necessary to air the rooms?

Stale air in your home affects your health and the house’s condition. Warm air absorbs more water which means more water vapor. Where the temperature is low, such as door lintels and behind furniture, water vapor condenses.

How to effectively ventilate rooms during the winter?

  • Open the window wide open. It will help air exchange occur faster and prevent excessive cooling. About five minutes is enough to provide your room with fresh air.
  • Before you open the window, lower the indoor temperature.
  • If the rooms have different heating settings, close the door between them to prevent condensation in colder rooms.
  • Remember to heat and ventilate unoccupied rooms. In unheated rooms, the walls and ceiling cool down faster than usual, which leads to condensation.

Signs you need more fresh air

If the odors from the bathroom or cooking don’t go away, it is time to clean the ventilation.

Low or high humidity
Your home is not getting enough fresh air and needs to balance humidity.

If you notice more dust in your home than usual, you might need more ventilation.

Airing rooms doesn’t mean cooling them excessively. Rational heating and proper ventilation are sound practices, especially during the winter. As a result, you will have a pleasant, healthy indoor climate and save money.

Regularly cleaning your HVAC system will improve the air quality in your home. If you need help with it check our cleaning package and contact us.

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