Strange Noises in Office Building

Have you ever experienced strange noises in your office? Noises like howling, screeching, crackling. You probably suspected many odd things were happening at your office. Sometimes it sounds creepy, and you wonder if your office is haunted? Are you in trouble? The answer is no. You don’t have to worry, and nothing strange happens, except your offices’ HVAC system is probably in trouble and your productivity less than expected. In that case, your HVAC system would need some professional help.

Strange HVAC noises and what they indicate

1. A rattling sound

No matter the type of sound, you should never ignore it. Even if it stops bothering you, you should call a professional to check it out. Rattling sounds do not indicate serious trouble, and it is the most common sound. Usually, it happens when the screw got loosen up. The advice is – do not wait for more screws to loosen up. The professional will inspect the ducts in detail and get everything in order.

2. Banging and knocking

Banging and knocking sounds usually come from the outdoor unit. These sounds indicate something is wrong with the fan. If your office is
located on the top floor, the sounds can be terrifying and soo annoying. This type of noise can affect work productivity, and it’s advisable
to look it up ASAP.

3. A screeching sound

Sounds like a horror movie. You can usually hear this sound when there’s something wrong with the fan belt. The belt is acceptable to wear and tear, and over time it manifests through strange noises and, of course, HVAC inefficiency. Do not risk for a belt to break down. Call a technician immediately to replace it with the new one.

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