Furnace Maintenance Tips – Ensure Efficient Heating

Your furnace is your best friend during the winter months. With regular maintenance, you will increase the life of your equipment, protect your investment, save money and also ensure that your equipment runs safely!

A warm and cozy home is a must during cold days and the furnace is there to help – it provides us the comfort we need!To ensure your home furnace operates optimally when it’s cold outside, show it some love and follow these tips:


Check your furnace filter monthly and replace them every 3 to 12 months depending on the type of filter your furnace uses. Perform furnace maintenance safety check and inspect furnace ductwork. Properly clean the furnace – dusting and vacuuming is one way to maintain your furnace system effectively.


Inspect the thermostat wires, change its batteries, program it for winter weather, and make sure your thermostat is functioning properly.


If your furnace is not properly maintained it can lead to gas leaks and other dangerous issues, such as carbon monoxide production. A properly maintained system will deliver maximum heat output without wasted energy or the risk of harmful emissions. Regular maintenance helps maintain your furnace’s efficiency and extends its life expectancy.

If you don’t have the time and energy to conduct regular furnace system maintenance, contact a professional. Make sure your furnace is working at the peak of its efficiency!

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