3 Common HVAC Noises and What They Might Mean

Every home has its own unique range of noises, but it is important to take a moment to identify noises made by your HVAC system. It’s not out of the ordinary for a customer to tell us that their system has been making strange noises for a while. Some HVAC system noises result from normal operation. However, others may indicate a failing system or the need for urgent repair.Rattling

If your HVAC system starts making a rattling sound, then you know it’s time to call a professional repair service. A rattling noise can mean that your air conditioner is starting to deteriorate, and some of its parts are loosening. Another cause could be twigs or leaves that have clogged your system. There’s also the possibility of a fan that is not aligned properly. If so, the fan could be hitting against the casing. This could be due to a poor initial installation or debris that has been sucked into the unit.


If you hear a hissing or bubbling sound, it’s most likely because your AC has a refrigerant leak. When your air conditioning system is low on refrigerant, your AC can’t cool your home efficiently and you risk damaging your air conditioner. If you’re only hearing periodic hissing sounds that last for several seconds, it’s likely just the expansion valve, which isn’t a problem.


Clanking is another sign of a loose or out-of-balance part. It could be blower motor fan, loose blades, or loose pipes that are rubbing together. Clanking noises are a bit more serious because loose parts, if not addressed, can cause costly damage to your system. These types of issues will only get worse and create bigger problems, if ignored.

Ignoring the mysterious noises from your AC can turn minor issues into major expenses. The sooner you can determine the cause of the noise and resolve your HVAC issues, the better.

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