HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Every homeowner must perform routine HVAC maintenance for air quality safety reasons. That keeps the HVAC system running efficiently, prolongs its lifespan while you are saving your time and money on expensive repairs, and high energy bills.
Everyone wants to make sure their HVAC system keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s a good idea to hire an HVAC company to inspect and do maintenance on your system every fall and spring. A regular maintenance plan will help ensure that outcome!

Seasonal HVAC preventative maintenance

Having seasonal HVAC preventative maintenance service performed at least two times per year can improve your HVAC system lifespan and reduce the energy cost while giving you a continuous flow of quality air. Your HVAC technician will make sure that all the parts are cleaned and inspected, ensuring that they are working at their best.
If a technician discovers a severe problem, he can deal with it before it leads to other serious malfunctions.
Having a monthly preventative maintenance plan prevents HVAC costly repairs. Keeping your system clean can increase efficiency and save you over 20% on your heating and cooling costs!

Change your filters regularly

The most common HVAC issue is a dirty air filter. It can cause operating problems with your HVAC system that will lead to furnace repair, for which you have to pay a lot of money. The harder an HVAC unit has to work to circulate air throughout a home, the more energy it’s using.
The filter should be checked monthly to ensure it isn’t dirty or clogged. Since filters are frequently used, they should be replaced every 30-90 days, which will improve the performance of your HVAC system, as well as decrease the need for repairs, and reduce energy cost. Because they have such a short lifespan, you should check them regularly. If it looks dirtier than usual, then replace it immediately, especially if you keep pets.

Monthly Ductwork Inspection

Ducts accumulate a thick layer of debris that weakens the HVAC system and prevents quality and efficient airflow. If your home has ductwork, perform a monthly inspection to check for leaks and blockage. Duct inspection ensures you spot early leaks and weak areas before they develop into a bigger problem. Duct cleaning will improve indoor air quality and keep your HVAC system healthy by supporting the free-flow of conditioned air.

Neglecting your system could lead to inefficient performance and system failure! Don’t ignore higher utility bills!
HVAC system provides quality airflow, thus protecting your family from health issues. Call an HVAC professional who can prolong the lifespan and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system!

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