Your HVAC Unit and Your Pets

Around 80 million Americans have at least one pet in their household, and these pets offer owners a measure of joy that can’t be replaced. On the other hand they have their drawbacks, especially when it comes to our home’s cooling and heating systems. Here are some valuable must-knows for pet owners and proper HVAC maintenance:Tip #1: Groom your pet regularly.

Try brushing your dog at least a few times per week – not only does it help to get rid of all of that fur, but most dogs love to be brushed and it can be some great bonding time.

Tip #2: Hide exposed wires.

Exposed wires to a dog or cat could look like a toy or a great thing to start chewing on. Hide exposed wires. This not only protects the integrity of your system, but it will keep your beloved pet safe.

Tip #3: Consider Duct Cleaning Service.

If pet dander resides in your carpet, on the surfaces of your house, it resides in the ductwork as well. It’s important to maintain your home’s air conditioner and heater at least once a year.

Taking care of your heating and cooling unit after getting an animal can improve quality of life for you and your pet!

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