AC Energy Saving Tips

When it comes to energy costs it has been proven that the average household spends more than $2500 a year on the energy bill. 44% of the costs are related to air conditioning. Here’s how you can reduce those costs:

1. Installing the programmable thermostat will allow you to simply adjust the parameters to heating or cooling. They often come with wi-fi built-in so you can control it remotely. If you properly sett it, it will save you up to $200 per year.

2. Changing filters on a regular basis is an energy-saving imperative. Clean filters will save you up to 5% on your energy bill. Dirty filters make AC works harder which reflects on higher bills.

3. During summer, put your blinds down, close shutters or drapes. That way, you will keep the hot air out and maintain cool inside temperature. Also, avoid cooking inside. During winter, to keep the warmth in, open your windows only when necessary. Also, insulation will help.

4. Regular maintenance will save you an additional 5% of the bills. The technician will check up all the essential parts, especially the motor. Sometimes lack of lubrication can cause friction which causes motor works harder. For regular maintenace call your local air duct cleaning company.

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