Ancient Egypt HVAC

When we think of HVAC system history, the first person coming on our mind is Willis Carrier. Yes, he is considered a father of modern HVAC systems, but people have needed to stay cool before the technology breakthrough. What do our ancestors have to do to keep their indoor air at optimum temperatures? For this question to be answered, we should go back far to ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt cooling system

Among many smart inventions from the field of maths and astronomy, the Egyptians invented many others, such as air conditioning systems. There are even three of these cool(ing) inventions.

1. Wind catchers

Wind catchers can be found in many different cultures, as well as the Egyptian culture. These are meant to create natural ventilation. They were like small towers, which can be uni, bi, and muti-directional.

2. Roof scoops

Roof scoops were the small openings at the top of the roofs. They were designed to allow fresh air to enter the rooms.

3. Wet mats

To prevent hot African air from getting into a room, the Egyptians hang wet mats over doors. The water evaporation made the air moist and cooler.

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