3 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Fresh and Clean

What if we tell you we can show you the way how to make your home smell amazing and fresh? Would you be interested? All you have to do is to follow these very easy steps.

1. Essential oils
You can choose your favorite essential oil to make your home smell awesome. For winter we recommend appel or cinnamon scent while for spring and summer is better to use some fresh scents such as eucalyptus or mint. Just put a few drops of essential oil on a dry cloth and clip it underside the floor vent. When your A/C system runs, the scented air will circulate your home. Simple as that.

2. Clean air filter
A clean air filter will keep your A/C run more efficiently, also you will breathe the clean filtered air. A dirty filter blows dust, dirt,  allergens, and debris into your home. Make sure you change your filters every three months.

3. Clean the ducts
All kinds of things can build up in your vents. Usually, those things can influence your health and also smell bad. If you can smell odors in your home, then it is a sign you should call your local air duct cleaning company. Not only that you will get your vents cleaned, but you will breathe fresh clean air.

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