The Evolution of Air Conditioning

1758 – Back in the days two great men were experimenting with cooling techniques. It was Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley. Thanks to these experiments they were able to lower the temperature from 64 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit. The experiment was about reaching freezing temperatures thanks to evaporative cooling.

1830 – The invention of the Ice-making machine by Dr. John Gorrie. Dr. Gorrie was an American scientist who invented the cooling machine for hospital purposes. It was essentially a fan that blew across a container of ice to cool down malaria patients. The original machine is now displayed in the Gorrie Museum in Apalachicola, Florida.

1902Willis Haviland Carrier designed the first modern air conditioning system. Mr. Carrier is considered a father of Air Conditioning, for this invention we thank him.

1925 – The first Air Conditioner was installed in the movie theatre. The Paramount Pictures Corporation installed it in the Rivoli Theater. At the same time, the term summer blockbuster was born since the people have flocked into theatres not only to watch the projection but to cool themselves down.

1930 – People were able to buy their very own air conditioner. But it was really pricy those days. The price range went from $160000 to $800000 of the current equivalent.

1939 – Packard Motor Car Company introduced the first factory-installed air conditioner at the Chicago auto show.

1953 – Was the year when the total number of sold A/C units exceded the number of million.

1960 – A/C went oversees, to Australia to be exact, which was perfect for Australia’s hot summer days.

1970 – Oldfashioned A/C units were replaced with modern central air units. Also, the energy-efficient standard was established.

1994 – Freon get banned since it is highly damaging for the environment. Companies such as Carries and Honeywell developed a new coolant.

Today – 84% of all homes in the United States have some kind of air conditioning. US citizens use more air conditioning than all other nations combined.

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