Top 10 HVAC Technician’s Tools

Even if the HVAC technician is certified and has all the essential skills to fix duct problems, none of that can happen without proper tools. Here is the list of HVAC technician must-have tools.

1. Wrench Set and Pipe Wrenches
They become very useful when it comes to securing a plumbing connection. This usually happens when replacing or installing gas lines is needed. Wrenches come in a variety of sizes, from small to medium and large. Technicians get to use them all at one point.

2. Hammer
Technicians usually choose one with the straight claw, and lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down their tool belt.

3. Multimeter
Maybe the most essential tool on the list. A multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument. Technicians use it to see if there is a live current wire. It keeps them from being electrocuted because HVAC systems are connected to electrical systems.

4. Thermometer
Thanks to this little fellow, an HVAC technician can read the HVAC’s unit temperature. After measuring results, they can say if your unit needs a refrigerant refill.

5. Manifold Gauge
This tool is like a little detective. It helps the technician find out if the unit isn’t cooling properly. They can tell you exactly where the leakage is.

6. Vacuum Pump
Pipes are moist environments. Technicians need vacuum pipes to extract the moisture. Also, it is needed before work when all the air and moist should be sucked from pipes to create a clean environment for leak testing.

7. Flashlite
Every technician should have one. Ducts lack light, especially if they are placed in a secluded part of the house, which they usually are. Often technicians have to work in basements or attics with poor lighting which can be a potentially hazardous working environment.

8. Caulk Gun
If there is a whole, the caulk gun will fix it. It uses caulking compounds that have highly flexible sealing characteristics and can close up any gap.

9. Video Camera
Video Camera helps technicians demonstrate the quality of the services. Thanks to it, the customer can see the before and after cleaning results. Also, technicians can inspect the ducts thoroughly.

10. HEPA Filtration Machine
This machine provides 2700 CFM at 5” static pressure, a full-size 12” inlet, 3-stage HEPA filtration, a soft start, and will run at 13 or 17 amps. At Lowe’s air duct home cleaning we use TurboJet Max II, a negative air machine with dual speed, 3-phase motor.

The legendary performance, and size of this type of machine, have been proven aboard ships and off-shore drilling rigs, as well as mobile homes and 6,000 hotel rooms. The TurboJet Max II uses the same ESP speed control found in the TurboJet 4200.

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