Five Common A/C Leaking Problems

No matter how hard you try to keep your HVAC system in a good condition, there are always some problems that can go unnoticed. Because most of the HVAC systems are fluid based, problems are usually related to leaks.

Cooling systems are complicated. In a nutshell, they consist of refrigerant compressed/condensed in a series of coiled pipes. A fan blows over the condenser causing the gas evaporation. The compressed gas expands and cools the air. Sometimes this complicated systems broke down and cause the leakage which is incredibly hard to spot.

Here are some alarming signs of leak that you shouldn’t ignore:

1. Worn out, rusty seals

In order to function properly, your A/C is sealed by rubber seals which can rust over time. Usually, this problem is easy to fix by just replacing the seals but sometimes the major repairs are needed or even replacement of your old cooling system by a new one.

2. Oily spots

Oil is a very important compressor lubricant. If there is a leakage you can usually notice an oily spot on your indoor or outdoor unit.

3. Refrigerant Leak

If your system looks and run perfectly and it is set to a preferable temperature, it usually indicates the refrigerant leak. You may consider fixing this leakage as soon as possible because it’s going to reflect on your comfort and your energy bill.

4. Water leaking

A clogged condensate drain line is the most common cause of water leaking. There are many reasons for clogging such as dust, dirt, debris, mold. Best way to unclog it is to call your HVAC guy.

5. Dirty air filter

Dirty air filters block the airflow which causes condensation of cool air inside your A/C. Water from condensation drips which is very uncomfortable. Check your filter and replace it every month or at least once in 60 days.

If you have noticed some of the listed problems, we strongly recommend calling a professional to fix it.

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