Reasons Your AC is Blowing Warm Air

The AC is truly important during summertime, but if you don’t maintain it regularly, it can start blowing warm air, which is not something that you would want on a very hot day.

Reasons for that can vary from thermostat settings or poor airflow to refrigerant leaks or electrical problems.

The thermostat is set incorrectly

Double-check your thermostat and make sure you didn’t set it to heating mode. You should set it to cooling mode, and the fan should be on auto mode. It is a common situation that someone accidentally switches it.
This little thing can save you time and money!

Reduced airflow

Reduced airflow is one of the most common problems that can impact the cooling operation of your air conditioner. Dirt and debris can block the air from circulating the system. A restriction in the airflow to and from your air conditioner often results in not enough airflow coming out of the vents to cool your home.

Electrical Problems

Many air conditioning systems have an indoor evaporator/air handler unit and the outdoor condensing unit. Sometimes, loss of power to the outside unit could create problems within the vent. It is important not to diagnose electrical issues all by yourself unless you are a trained electrician or HVAC expert. You may have a serious electrical problem, in which case you should reach out to a professional as soon as possible!

Low or Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the substance that provides air conditioning. If it is low or leaks, AC will struggle to cool the air. That condition requires professional help since you either need a refrigerant recharge or fix for the leakage. 

If you haven’t had maintenance done on your AC this year, or your air filter hasn’t been replaced in a long time, call us. We will eliminate the problem and ensure you have a happy, stress-free summer.

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