Nightmare HVAC Situation

Some people have everything ordered and arranged in the right place. Their home is spotless. Even the hidden places such as ducts are clean as a whistle. On the other hand, some people tend to forget to call their local air duct cleaning service and completely neglect their ducts. From the HVAC cleaning technician’s point of view, those people’s ducts represent the complete nightmare.

Why nightmare?
Well, where to begin with?

For starters, you can tell that cleaning ducts is gonna be an unpleasant experience by just entering the door and get hit by an extremely pungent smell. Usually, the smell originates from the pet dander piled up in ducts. Apart from dander, the usual and unusual foundings in ducts are dust, toys, sometimes jewelry, letters, coins, food leftovers, bird’s nests. They all ley there waiting to be rediscovered.

But that’s all pretty much the usual scenery, technicians have learned to deal with it on a daily basis.

The real horrendous experience starts with rodents. Besides the odor and sounds you might be hearing, there are usually insects (roaches, moths or ants) that go alongside with rodents. A rodent invasion is also very dangerous healthwise and can affect your HVAC efficiency since rodents can chew through the duct parts. The situation with rodents is alarming enough to call pest control and your local HVAC technician to deal with the ducts after these unwanted tenants.

Do not wait for nightmare situation to happen to your ducts. Call your local HVAC technician for annual duct maintenance.

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