Weird Stuff found in HVAC

Even though articles about the importance of HVAC maintenance could be found almost everywhere, people tend to forget to maintain their ducts. After a while, air ducts become places where you can find the weirdest stuff that you can imagine. Sometimes it’s not just things, even living beings can end up in there. They became somewhat the blackholes of houses. Here are a couple of situations to prove that.

1. Where is your grandmother’s wedding ring?
There’s been a couple of times that different HVAC professional crews witnessed an engagement ring founding. Usually, when something small, such as ring, is lost, people turn the house upside-down to find it but never remember to look in the ducts.

2. Toy story
Ducts are especially attractive for kids to play. Can you imagine the number of toys jammed in there? Usually, there are marbles, rubber dinosaurs, tennis balls all lost and forgotten. Or maybe they aren’t lost, maybe they are just waiting for the new owner to maintain the ducts more frequently and rescue them.

3. Long lost and forgotten
The most romantic HVAC story is the one about love letters hidden and forgotten in the depts of the ducts. Can you imagine the surprise of the technicians when they found them? Maybe one day, the letters will see the light on a silver screen.

4. Perfect nest
Being dark and secluded, protected from the rain and cold, ducts make a perfect place for animals to hide and sometimes to give birth to their youngsters. Thus, it is not a surprise at all when small animals are found there. The common case is to find little birds, mice, squirrels, raccoons… True little nursery.

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