4 Types of Smell that Indicate HVAC System Service is Needed

The moment you start smelling strange odors, coming from your ducts, it’s the sign that your AC is in desperate need of cleaning. Bad HVAC smell isn’t normal. There are different types, and not all of them require immediate service. Still, you will have to call your local cleaning guy eventually.

Here are the 4 most common odors:

1. Oily smell

If you don’t see the oil leaking, but you can smell it, then it is usually a problem related to the oil burner. You should note that a new furnace may emit a burning oil smell. However, do not risk, if you feel this type of smell, call the local technician.

2. The electrical or burning plastic smell

This type of smell represents a red flag for fire hazard since it is usually provoked by the overheated furnace.  The best thing to do is turn off the furnace until you diagnose the problem. It is usually related to wiring or the motor.

3. Sulfur/Rotten egg smell

Roten egg is the most unpleasant smell of all. It indicates a gas leak. Do not take this problem lightly,  immediately open the windows and call the gas company.

4.Dust smell

It is the most difficult smell to identify. If you can smell the dust and the air feels thick and grime it is the sign that your filter is ready for replacement. Don’t let this happen often, replace your filters more frequently since the dust from the ducts can cause respiratory system health problems.

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