Almost every household in the US owns an HVAC system. How many of us count on it to cool us down or warm us up when it is necessary? We use it regularly, but what do we know about it? Let’s test your basic knowledge of HVAC. Take this six-question test, learn something new and have fun!

1.Who is the inventor of the modern air conditioner?
a) Carrier Willis    b) Bruce Willis    c) Thomas Willis

2.HVAC stands for what?
a) Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning    b) High Ventilation Airway Condition    c) Heating Versus Air Conditioning3.If you leave your home for an extended period of time, you should:
a) turn down temperature a few degrees    b) turn up temperature a few degrees    c) turn off the system

4.How many months do you wait to change your air filter?
a) 5    b) 4    c) 3

5.Do air filters come in many sizes?
a) yes    b) no    c) maybe

6. What should be standard temperature difference between outdoor and indoor air?
a) 15°C    b) 5°C    c) 10°C

The corect answers are:
1.a) 2.a) 3.a) 4.c) 5.a) 6.c)

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