The Father of Air Conditioning

People all around the world are turning to their air conditioners to combat the unbearable heat waves, little that they know is who is the person who stans behind this God-given invention.

The first air conditioner to look the light of the day was the one constructed back in the year 1902 in Brooklin. The person to blame for the airconditioning invention was Willis Haviland Carries an American engineer who graduated from Cornell University.

The idea behind this ingenious invention was preserving the job at his printing house, because, you see, the boiling hot temperatures were melting the equipment. The paper would soak moisture from the air so the ink on the pages wouldn’t dry.

Willis devised a system of fans, ducts, heaters, and perforated pipes that become the very first air conditioner. The machine blows air over cold coils to control room temperature and humidity, keeping the paper from wrinkling.

Finding that other companies want to get in on the cooling action, Carrier establishes the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America. The Carrier Corporation pioneered the design and manufacture of the airconditioning machines to cool large spaces.

The drawings of this groundbreaking design were dated July 17, 1902. and provided the basis of airconditioning that has changed the world. Since then Willis Carrier became known as “The father of Air Conditioning”.

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