HVAC System


– Short for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning.
– The goal of the system is to provide good indoor air quality and optimal temperature.


Heating systems usually consist of ducts (forced air systems) or pumps (fluid heating systems). Heating is done by the furnace or a boiler. Furnaces are not capable of cooling while pumps are capable of both heating and cooling.


Ventilation is the process of air exchanging which provides a good indoor air quality. It usually controls the level of oxygen and humidity in the room and also works as a smoke and odor control. Whether there are airborne bacteria, dust, and debris in the air, the ventilation system will remove it and prevent the stale air to build up.


A/C does the opposite of heating. We are usually in need of cooling during the summer months. It removes heat and moisture from the air. A/C solution is expensive because it is energy consuming, sometimes you just need to use the dehumidifier instead, to lower the temperature.

Installing a complete HVAC system is a very practical solution. It is energy efficient, money saving, more effective, easier to optimize and maintain. It is very practical for private homes not to mention apartments, hospitals, and hotels.

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