Pet Owners And HVAC

We all love our furry little friends, but sometimes it is hard to keep the home safe and clean. Their hair tends to get all over the furniture, sometimes they have accidents and track mud onto the carpet.

This can damage or soil your furniture and also affect an HVAC system.

Debris, dirt, and dust are things that can get stuck in your pet’s fur while they are enjoying the outdoors. Once it all makes its way indoors can actually damage your HVAC system by clogging filters and ventilation. This happens because ductwork is made of metal and is attracting pet hair and dander.

Pets can also tend to chew the wires connected to your HVAC. This will not only cause damage but is dangerous for your pet’s life, too.How to take proper care of your HVAC if you have a pet?

Here is the action to take if you want a clean house and HVAC system:

1. Change the air filter regularly.
2. Make sure that all wires connected to your HVAC are enclosed in conduits.
3. Regularly bathe and groom your pet – this will help tame the shedding and dander.
4. Schedule a maintenance visit at least 2 times a year.

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