What Is a Condenser Coil?

A condenser coil is a type of heat exchanger. The primary purpose of a heat exchanger is to transfer heat efficiently. Where can you find it, and why is it so relevant?

The condenser coil is a part of…?

The condenser coil is a part of space heaters and air conditioners. Although there are slight differences in the function of these devices, the primary purpose of the condenser coil is the same. They transfer heat between two mediums.

How does it work?

The condenser coil works with the evaporator coil in your air conditioning or heating system, where heat is removed from the refrigerant. When the refrigerant is pressurized and heated in the compressor, it enters the condenser coil and turns into liquid. Then the liquid mixture changes from liquid to gas. This compressed, cooled gas is then pushed through the ventilation system.

Why should I clean it regularly?

A dirty condenser coil will have a reduced ability to transfer heat to the outside air, leading to a less effective cooling system. This will have a significant impact on the unit’s lifetime. You can recognize the problem when the air temperature differs from the thermostat setting.

If you want to prolong the unit’s lifetime, maintain it regularly and keep it clean. You can clean the condenser coil yourself, but if you want the most effective results, you should contact cleaning technicians.

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