The Very First HVAC System

We can’t imagine our everyday life without the HVAC system, but did you know that it has been a part of ancient people’s civilization?

The world’s first underfloor heating system

The oldest form of HVAC is the Korean Ondol method, invented in the Iron Age. It involved an outside furnace, underfloor pipes, and stone that would retain the heat. It is the first form of radiant floor heating used by both rich and poor people.

The invention of the cooling system

It happened during the Han Dynasty in China around 206 B.C. The ancient fan was made for the military, and for its proper operation, human work was essential. Later, during the Tang dynasty was incorporated into daily life and was powered by the water wheel.

HVAC in ancient Rome

Another cooling system in ancient times was the self–raining pavilion. It combined a windmill and water wheel to pump the water to the roof and then dripped it down to make rain curtains that provided a cooling effect. It sounds complicated, but it works!

Who should we thank for the HVAC?

In 1902, Willis Carrier, an engineer from New York, designed the first modern air conditioning that moved air through water-cooled coils. It led to the improvement of the air conditioning system and its vide use.

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