Benefits of HVAC on Productivity Part 1

Better environmental conditions and an adequate temperature have a favorable effect on the work of the brain. Here is how an HVAC system affects productivity.

HVAC in schools reduces the typing errors percentage

HVAC in schools creates the best learning environment, especially during hot late spring and summer days. A well-conditioned reading room or library requires frequent ventilation and adequate use and maintenance of HVAC. Studies show that 10 percent of typing errors are recorded at temperatures of 25 degrees. In the 20-degree temperature conditions, the error rate increased to 25 percent. The body in the cold environment uses more energy to warm itself, which leads to a lack of energy for concentration, thinking, and creativity.

HVAC in Schools increases working efficiency

Also, the high room temperature reduces efficiency. According to research conducted at universities, the highest productivity was recorded on average at a temperature of 22 degrees, and work performance deteriorated already at more than 24 degrees. For example, if employees in offices were to work in an environment where it is 30 degrees, they would have 10 percent worse results than they would have in an environment of 22 degrees. 

HVAC in Schools Calms the Nerves

Fresh air calms your body and soul while at the same time improving body function and efficiency. It turns out that HVAC reduces anxiety which makes students more productive.

If the HVAC in your school is dirty and less efficient and you need help with HVAC cleaning, do remember to schedule a cleaning appointment. We are only a phone call away. 

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