HVAC Systems in Educational Facilities

As for any institution, thus the school, HVAC is a necessity. Yes, it is a huge component when it comes to electricity bills, but when it comes to learning productivity there is no better solution than an HVAC system.

An energy audit

There are no standard solutions for schools in terms of HVAC. Every school decides for itself. But they agree about one thing – school classrooms must be air-conditioned. To find the best solution and save on utility bills, every school should consider having an energy audit. This procedure can show how much energy an institution wastes and calculate energy-saving potential.

HVAC for optimal learning conditions

HVAC in schools creates the best learning environment, especially during hot late spring and summer days. Research shows that a too hot or cold indoor environment can negatively affect concentration and learning. For example, there are 10% more chances for students to fail the test in schools without air conditioning. Besides helping in the academic process, HVAC can improve indoor air quality, which is especially important to kids with asthma and one prone to allergies. It means that a proper ventilation system at school has a paramount significance.

HVAC cleaning

Because there are a lot of students in one school, the air tends to get stale very quickly, and the requirements for ventilation are three times higher than in our homes. It means that the HVAC system has to work harder than usual and requires maintenance and cleaning more often. To keep your HVAC in working condition, you can always schedule a regular air duct cleaning with your local HVAC company.

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