Pet’s Impact on the HVAC System

There is no doubt that pets make wonderful companions, but their impact on the HVAC system is not always beneficial, and here is how…


Some pets shed more than others, and their fur can clog the ventilation system and filter. If your unit is not clean regularly, the accumulation of the pet’s hair can damage it.

Pet Dander

Dander, like fur, gets caught in the ventilation system and moves through the air when AC is on. It can have an impact on the quality of air and your health.

Marking can Destroy Air Conditioner

You know that the male dogs like to mark their territory. If they regularly mark the spot on an outdoor AC unit, it can damage AC coils and aluminum fins which can corrode. If this is the case, the freon will start to leak.

Pets may Chew the HVAC Wires

Puppies and kittens like to chew things, and wires are some of their favorites. If some wires of the HVAC unit are exposed, they can chew on them and destroy them. It can be harmful to your pets and can ruin parts of the HVAC as well.

How to Avoid These Issues and keep your beloved pets?

To avoid clogged filters and ventilation systems, inspect them monthly, especially if your pet sheds a lot. Also, another way to prevent this problem is to groom your dog or long hair cat daily. It will help to get rid of excess hair.
To save your outdoor Ac unit from marking, build a fence at least three feet away from the HVAC unit so that you don’t interrupt the airflow of the unit.

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