Say No to a Pet Dander Instead to Pets

Besides the family, our pets are our most beloved once. We take care of them, love them, they make us tremendously happy. We should all be able to keep them inside. Before we bring a pet home, we have to figure out which animal is best suited for us. The most common problems from keeping the pets inside are allergies and pet dander. To avoid pet dander from building up, you should pick a pet that doesn’t shed. That way your home and your air vents will stay clean. Here are the tree perfect choices:

1. Portuguese water dog
A medium-sized, very smart dog. It has hair instead of fur that is considered profuse, non-shedding, non-allergenic, and waterproof.  Every once in a while, you should take it to the groomer.

2. Sphynx cat
Very acrobatic and friendly pet. It is known for the hairless coat. Its glands produce oil that is considered an allergen, but as for the hair, you don’t have to worry. Your air vents and house stays clean.

2. Basenji
Otherwise known as “dream dog”. Why? Because they don’t shed and are completely odor-free.

We provided you with the list of beautiful pets that are the best hypoallergenic, non-sheading choice. Nevertheless, many, experts,  veterinarians claim that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic, non-sheading pet, and at some point, they all have to shed even if it is just a little. What you can do is to pick out a pet that sheds the least, make sure you clean regularly and schedule your annual spring HVAC cleaning appointment.

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