Before and After Duct Cleaning Photos Tell the Story

The amount of dirt accumulating in air ducts is often shocking to homeowners. That is why duct cleaning is a necessity. It increases the indoor air quality, reduces the amount of dust and allergens circulating throughout, and keeps the HVAC system components clean and functional. 

HVAC cleaning is a necessity worth the cost you are paying. Our customers like to see the results of the service and the evidence that their money is well invested. 

The reason for the before and after photos are a visible affirmation that the HVAC cleaning is well done. Photos tell the story in more than a thousand words. Below is our photo of the ducts before and after cleaning.Usually, our technicians take mobile phone photos that can be shared easily and quickly sent from the technician’s phone to the customer’s e-mail. Another way is Duct Cleaning Equipment with a Built-in camera. 

It is useful when the customer can see how dirty vents were before our HVAC cleaning services. Just imagine everything seen in the picture to the left, circulating through your house several times a day. 

Living in the fast lane, people often forget the routine checkups of their health and home cleaning choirs such as air duct cleaning. Do not be lazy to schedule a regular HVAC cleaning and do something useful for your and your family’s health.

Visit ours before and after gallery.

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