Is AC Killing Your Plants?

Before you panic, know that AC can harm houseplants, not kill them. Why? Everyone knows that plants need heat and humidity, and air conditioners remove both from your home.

Here are some tips on how to save your houseplants:

Move plants away from the air conditioner

Cold temperatures can freeze the cells in a plant which blocks the natural track for water and nutrients. Cold air blowing directly on plants often strips of its moisture.

Mist sensitive plants daily

Some plants are hypersensitive to low humidity. If you notice that the leaves go down, it might be because of low humidity. Make sure to mist your plant’s leaves daily to keep them moist but be careful if leaves turn red or brown because it can be from too much moisture.

Protect small plants

Small plants are usually sensitive to cold air or low humidity. To keep them safe, protect them with glass.

In the end, learn what your plants need and what kind of temperatures or humidity it requires. Same room temperature might have opposite effects on plants.

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