HVAC and humidity

Humidity in your home can make you feel uncomfortable and, in some cases, negatively influence your health. It can also damage your walls and furniture if the problem isn’t timely resolved. Your HVAC can be a source of humidity amongst the other factors. Here are a few reasons for high humidity in your place, and a few solutions for them.

What can cause humidity and how to deal with that

1) Weather and climate

The climate of your hometown can naturally be more humid than in other places. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to change that completely, but you can do some things to make sure your home stays comfortable and healthy for living.

Solution: You can start by opening your windows for a touch of fresh air more often during the day. Of course, if it’s raining outside, skip this step. We recommend investing in a dehumidifier. Those devices can come in handy.

2) A lot of plants in the house

A touch of green in your living space can result in calmness and positive vibes. But, the “less is more” concept is valid here. The more plants you have, the chances are higher your place gets more humid over time.

Solution: Limit the number of plants in your home, and try not to water them too often and too much. Too much water evaporates and makes the air more humid. Consider the amount and the frequency of watering for different plants, as they all have their specific needs. Luckily, there are house plants that absorb humidity so you can add a couple of those to your collection.

3) HVAC problems

If you don’t check up on your condenser regularly, it might increase the humidity in your home. The condenser might be blocked and dirty, so try to check it more often, especially if you notice that the humidity is up.

Solution: Regular checkups and maintenance will solve this. Besides, it’s important for your HVAC’s durability and proper functioning.

Humidity can be as much of a problem as dry air too. Consider getting a device so you can measure the level of humidity in your home. Regularly call maintenance for your HVAC. If you need a professional cleaning service, don’t wait, contact us.

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