HVAC Technologies Quiz

How much do you know about HEPA filters, cleaning duration, BBB standards for HVAC cleaning services, etc? Let’s test your basic knowledge of HVAC. We promise you will have fun and learn something new during the next 8 questions.

1.What does the HVAC abbreviation mean?
a) Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning
b) High Ventilation Airway Condition
c) Heating Versus Air Conditioning

2. How long do cleaning ducts last?
a) 4 – 6 hours
b) half-hour
c) 10 hours

3.HVAC is in charge
a) only for temperature
b) Circulating air, Controlling humidity, Controlling indoor allergens and air pollutants, and temperature4.What do you do when you leave the house?
a) turn off your HVAC
b) raise your thermostats three to five degrees from their normal set point

5.HVAC cleaning is
a) an expenditure
b) a worthwhile investment

6.HVAC is for
a) homeowners
b) homeowners, commercial consumers, industry professionals

7.HEPA air filter can theoretically remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of:
a) 0.3 microns (µm)
b) 0.9 microns (µm)
c) 1.2 microns (µm)

8.What does the abbreviation BBB standards mean?
a) Better business bureau
b) Bored beyond belief

The corect answers are:
1.a) 2.a) 3.b) 4.b) 5.b) 6.b) 7.a) 8.a)

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