Pollen Season in Boston and HVAC Maintenance

Spring is the favorite season… for most of the folk. For almost 50 million Americans with allergy problems, Spring could be the most frustrating time of the year. As the trees begin to blossom, pollen gets released in the air. Also, the release of tree pollen is accompanied by the release of grass pollen. Put these two together, and you’ll get a devastating pollen-storm for people prone to allergies.

If you live in Boston, you could expect pollen-related symptoms soon. As the Spring intensifies and the concentration of pollen in the air grows, you could experience problems such as sneezing, watery eyes, nasal congestion, and in some cases, pollen could even induce a fever.

If you think that you’d be safe from pollen allergy by staying home, think again. Unfortunately, your HVAC system could add to your allergy-related problems by spreading pollen particles. So, what could you do in order to prevent this from happening?

1. Get a full inspection
First, we suggest that you contact Lowe’s Cleaning in Boston and schedule a complete HVAC inspection. If needed, our HVAC professionals will provide you further services.

2. Ventilation system cleaning
Usually, the problem lies in the vent system of your HVAC. Pollen and other particles (dirt, debris, etc.) reside in your HVAC system and, through the ventilation, get spread around your home. When inhaled, pollen spores induce symptoms, that most people tend to confuse with HVAC allergy. In fact, the problem has a simple solution: frequent and meticulous maintenance of your HVAC. Call your HVAC specialist and schedule a vent cleaning.

3. Filter replacement
Old and used up filters could be another source of your health problems. Filters are designed to prevent dirt and allergens form damaging the equipment, not to protect your respiratory system. However, there are some types of filters that could block pollen and other allergens. For the best advice, contact the team of HVAC professionals and get all the information you need.

4. Duct cleaning
Cooling and heating ducts could easily become home to pollen particles, bacteria, and other allergens. As your HVAC system circulates air throughout your home, it also circulates pollen. The solution is always the same: get an experienced team of HVAC pros to clean your air ducts. With this simple action, air quality will drastically improve, and you’ll kiss your allergies goodbye.

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