Is Your HVAC Unit Making Popping Sounds?

If your HVAC unit is making popping sounds, it is a clear sign something is wrong. Although it sounds like someone is making popcorn, which is a lovely sound, it is highly unusual for an HVAC system. If the sound appears sporadically, there is probably no need for too much worry. If it repeats continuously, it usually indicates a developing issue.

Why is your HVAC making popping sounds?

There are many reasons for the HVAC unit to make popping sounds. Here are the three main reasons:

1. Mechanical issues

Internal, mechanical parts can loosen up over time. It is a typical wear problem. Usually, it involves a loose screw, joint, or motor bearing.2. The duct issues

Sometimes popping sound can indicate a duct leaking. If you inspect and clean the ducts regularly, you will not have such troubles.

3. HVAC unit floods

Sometimes, when the compressor absorbs too much liquid, it makes popping sounds. This type of issue is serious because it can cause HVAC performance issues. If you have such a problem, turn off your unit and call an HVAC technician immediately.

When the popping sounds are not a rad flag

Sometimes popping sounds are harmless. That usually happens during the summer months, when ducts are expanding because of the rising temperatures. It even occurs right after the duct cleaning, so do not worry. Feel free to schedule an HVAC cleaning appointment.

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