Do You Have a HVAC Malfunction?

You don’t have to be an experienced HVAC technician to tell if your HVAC has a malfunction. All you have to do is, pay close attention to the following warning signs and react accordingly. If you diligently focus on keeping your HVAC functioning at the highest level, it will last long and efficiently.

HVAC Malfunction Signs

1. The air is not cool/hot enough

As the acronym says itself, HVAC stands for heating and air conditioning. What good from the HVAC system that doesn’t play the part? If your room is not cool/warm enough where ever season you find yourself, that is a red flag. Something is wrong with your HVAC system. It could mean that compressor is damaged, Freon levels are low, or the fan is not working properly. Finally, problems with cooling could indicate that the filter is dirty and should be replaced. In any case, you should get professional help and contact an HVAC specialist and HVAC cleaning.2. HVAC sounds

Except for pleasant humming when cooling or heating, all other sounds are warning signs. Sound like scratching, clinging, and banging almost always indicate damage. It could be mechanical wear and tear, a loose component, or sometimes a small animal can crawl into HVAC vents. However, you should contact your HVAC technician to fix this issue.

3. HVAC leaks

Whether it is refrigerant, oil, or water leaks, all of them are bad. Although HVAC system leaks might start as pinhole leaks, they can end up badly if not fixed on time. Not only that the refrigerant leaks can be bad for your HVAC and wooden floors, but they are also bad for your health. Do not gamble with this malfunction, particularly when related to your respiratory system health.

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