Rattling HVAC Sound

Home noises are common in every house. Houses groan, creak, hum, gurgle, and pop regularly. While some sounds are harmless and even charming, others are early indicators of potential problems that warrant attention. Noises can keep you awake at night, and indicate a problem that can cost you money at the end of the month.

There is a variety of sounds you might hear from the HVAC system, but only a few of them you should pay close attention to. The Rattling sound for example. If you HVAC makes a rattling sound, you should call your local HVAC technician, because things can get serious.
Here are possible reasons why your HVAC system is making this sound.

1. Your air conditioner is starting to deteriorate
If your AC is starting to deteriorate, then some of its parts are corroding and loosening, making a rattling sound. The result of degradation is
higher energy consumption.

2. Twigs or leaves are clogged in the system
You should do regular maintenance on the outside unit to make sure leaves, twigs, or mud aren’t building up. If your drain does become
backed up, water will begin collecting inside, which will affect overall unit performance.

3. The fan is not aligned properly
If the fan is not aligned properly, it could be hitting against the casing producing unbearable noises. Much worst than that, it could cause
damage to the system, motor overheating, and premature motor failure.

4. Sign of a poor initial installation
Rattling may indicate a poor initial installation. This could be a huge problem since it may increase household energy used for space heating
and cooling, up to 30 percent over what it should be.

5. Debris has been sucked into the unit
The compressor of the unit should have at least a few feet of clearance around and above it. Its fins must be free of dirt and debris. If there is debris built up in the unit, it can get sucked into it, causing many problems.

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