Allergy Season Knocking Hard on Our Door

Pollen is a powdery substance coming from the stamen of flowering plants. Each pollen grain contains sperm cells. The transfer of pollen grains to the female reproductive structure is called pollination. Pollination is very useful when it comes to the plant world because it enables procreation. But, when it comes to people sensitive to pollen, the pollination period is pure misery. Pollen that causes allergies is dispersed by air currents. It can easily find its way to our nostrils, causing pollinosis and hey fever.

Allergists Say That the Spring 2022 Season Will Be a Bad One

Lately, allergy season has gotten worse. Allergists have been warning us that allergy seasons are predicted to be longer and more severe than before. Pollen has already started to accumulate, leading to a noticeable boost in sneezes and runny noses. Much more is expected to follow suit in the coming weeks. So how can we protect ourselves from this menace?

How to Deal With Pollen Allergy?

1. Follow the pollen forecast, and avoid going out during high pollen counts. Allergy seasons vary by region, so you should be prepared;
2. Rely upon your HVAC system more than opening the windows;
3. Regularly clean your HVAC system;
4. Change your HVAC filter regularly;
5. Take off your shoes before you enter your home;
6. Wipe your pet’s paws before you let them inside;
7. Shower after coming home;
9. Avoid being outside during high pollen counts, usually between 5 am to 10 am;
10. Find a suitable allergy symptom relief medicine.

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