Can HVAC Filter Make My Allergies Worse?

Are you having a problem with allergies? Unfortunately, as much as we love warmer weather, symptoms start to increase during this time because more pollen is present in the air. This usually happens at the beginning of spring or summer as dust and pollen tend to easily find their way inside your home.

How your HVAC unit’s filter can cause your allergies to get worse?

Your HVAC system is not only cooling your house down, but it also moves the air around, potentially triggering more allergies. Some common allergy-inducing air contaminants that can be found in air conditioning systems are dust mites, pollen, and pet dander.

Yes, HVAC filters are meant to capture debris, they grab the pollutants from the air and catch them in the filter. As time goes by and the filter is not regularly cleaned, it can start to clog and also become overloaded with allergens and blow them back throughout the home, aggravating allergy symptoms.

Of course, if you’re suffering from seasonal allergies, it’s best to keep your air filters clean and clear.

HVAC filter and Allergies

Clean or replace your HVAC filters once a month to ensure optimum filtration. By doing this, you will ensure that your HVAC system won’t both overwork itself and become an allergen hotspot. Also, upgrade to a HEPA filter that removes at least 99.97% of contaminants in the air and choose the one with a MERV rating of at least 10.

When you clean or change your filter and keep it well maintained, air can pass through it easily and you will be pleased to spend time inside with an allergy-proof HVAC system.
Keep your living space safe and healthy, if you need any help or HVAC service, make sure to contact professionals.

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