HVAC history and fun facts

Have you ever wondered who took the credits for building one of the most used things in your everyday life? Yes, we are talking about your HVAC system. We, humans, tend to take for granted things we often use. Here are a few more historical and interesting facts about HVAC to remind you of the genius work it does for you and your home.

HVAC facts and history

1) The first modern cooling system was invented in 1902.

2) The idea of a cooling/heating system is almost 2000 years old. People have tried to make something like that for a very long time.

3) Benjamin Franklin himself was one of many that brainstormed HVAC system ideas.

4) The first air conditioning system wasn’t made for that purpose. System was made to combat the humidity in a publishing company. Engineer Willis Carrier came up with an air conditioner to help preserve the paperwork from damage.

5) Before cooling systems were placed in schools, temperatures were unbearable during summers. Therefore schools would close during the hottest months – creating the summer break.

6) Cinemas were one of the first places to have AC. This was used to attract more customers during summers, hence the term “summer blockbuster”.

7) Similar to any new inventions, the first versions of HVAC systems were large and very expensive.

8) According to research from 2018 just over 40% of HVAC owners did regular maintenance and checkups. Regular maintenance is very important for the efficiency and performance of your HVAC. Contact us if you need a professional cleaning service.

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