HVAC and Winter Sleep

Temperature below 32°F with snow falling outside and Christmas lights shining in your room… Can’t imagine a better scenario for a perfect and cozy winter sleep!

For an ideal sleeping temperature during winter and maximum comfort, follow the next tips:Silk pajamas
It is well known that your sleep rhythm follows your body temp rhythm. Silk pajamas are a great choice if you want to allow your body to regulate temperature easily. They are warm when you want them to be and cool as well!

Warm feet
Besides their cuteness and festive mood, stockings can come in pretty handy when you go to sleep. Data shows that getting your feet toasty before bed helps you fall asleep.

Fresh and clean air
To have a good sleep quality, make sure you have the right temperature, humidity, and air quality. Check your air filters, and ensure your HVAC has regular maintenance.

Enjoy the holidays and get some good sleep! If you have any questions regarding your HVAC, don’t hesitate to call us!

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