HVAC System And Sleeping Quality

There are many reasons why we aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, such as anxiety, caffeine consumption, mattress issues, or others. But possible issues you may not have considered can be the temperature or the air quality in general.

The Ideal Sleeping Temperature

Most research has generally landed on a range surrounding 68 degrees Fahrenheit – but plus or minus a few degrees in either direction is usually acceptable as well!

In the summer, AC temperature is recommended to be set no higher than 71 or 72 during sleep hours. That is when we realize the essence of a programmable thermostat, which will allow you to program your sleep time.

Ventilation And Air Quality

Poor air quality leads to a higher risk of respiratory illness like asthma or allergies and may cause you to cough and sneeze during the night. That, in turn, will lower your sleep quality. Experts advise cleaning your AC thoroughly at least once a year! Listen to their advice and schedule an appointment now!

The air quality will also depend on the humidity levels in your bedroom. High humidity levels lead to an overly “wet” feel. Low humidity levels lead to dry mouth and throat, itching sensations, and dry skin.

Luckily, there are simple humidifier or dehumidifier solutions available to prevent this kind of issue.

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