Don’t Let Snow and Ice Build Up This Winter

If it’s not taken care of, HVAC outdoor unit can be damaged by its strongest winter enemies – ice and snow. You may also face some other common HVAC winter problems.
Today, we present you with ways to protect your unit.An HVAC system can freeze if snow or ice starts to encapsulate the outdoor unit. This will further cause cold homes, frozen pipes, and headaches for homeowners.

To prevent this, make sure the space around your unit is clean and free of obstacles. Snow can pile up pretty easily and block the exhaust of your furnace, which can lead to some serious health problems as carbon monoxide might start entering your home.

If you see any hanging icicles that hang over the HVAC unit, clear them immediately. Don’t use sharp objects when you remove ice from the unit, this can damage the coils and fins.

Keep your air intake vent clear, as you want to make sure that new air can be brought into your home.

If you need any help, be sure to contact professionals.

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