Frozen HVAC Pipes

Winter is at our doorsteps. It brings us the joy of small miracles such as sipping tea by the fire, reading a book, lighting a scented candle,
baking cinnamon cookies. But all of this would be for nothing if there wasn’t for a comfortable, warm atmosphere coming from our heating system.

Sometimes it is not just the landscape that freezes out. HVAC pipes can get frozen to causing inconvenience.

Here are the three major reasons for frozen pipes:

Low Refrigerant Level

Low refrigerant levels could be caused by the refrigerant leak. Also, over time the refrigerant levels could just drop.
Either way, it will cause ice to build upon the refrigerant pipe. The leaks could be easily repaired or if the level of freon is too low it could be refiled.


Clogs are the most common reason for pipes to get frozen. The evaporator coil is the part of your air conditioning unit that cools the air.
Many things can restrict the flow of air over the evaporator coils causing the frozen pipes. The main culprits are:

Clogged air filter
-Dirt or debris on the evaporator coil
-Blocked air ducts

Wrong Thermostat Setting

Setting the thermostat at a lower temperature to allow the system to cool faster is a mistake. Instead, just turn off your HVAC system and let it rest for a while.

These problems can easily be fixed, just remember to call your local HVAC cleaning company and schedule an HVAC cleaning service on time.

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