Heating And A Dry Air Issue

Problems associated with frequent air conditioner use and low humidity aren’t limited to summertime. During the late fall and winter cold and flu season, medical researchers have discovered that overly dry air increases the ability of viruses and bacteria to infect your body.

Dry air can cause many problems: dry skin, cracked wallpapers, and respiratory system health issues. To prevent your air from drying, you should take some preventive measures.

How To Increase Air Humidity In your Home?

The Humidifier

The humidifier can help you breathe better, have nice healthy skin, keep your floors, windows, and furniture intact. They are efficient, nicely designed, and quiet.

However, be careful with the humidifier. If your HVAC is not perfectly clean and free from dirt and pests, buying a humidifier can worsen the situation.

So call your local technician and schedule the cleaning before buying and installing a humidifier.

Indoor plants

Plants have a natural ability to balance the moisture in the air. Thanks to some of the most famous plants, you can also remove various toxins from the air.

However, some air purifying plants are better than the others, such as the Snake plant, Dragon tree, Aloe vera, Chinese evergreen, and Gerbera Daisy.

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