How Does HVAC Affect Skin?

Women nowadays pay more and more attention to their skin. They tend to buy beauty products that will soften the skin, make it more elastic, fresh, and radiant. Therefore, they pay a lot of money for products that don’t seem to work. What if we tell you that there is a less pricy, more practical solution to keep your skin in good condition?When you are at home, the air circulating is mainly responsible for the condition of your skin.

Poor air quality = Dry skin troubles

If your HVAC is not installed correctly, is inefficient, unclean, or old, it may be the main cause of dry air, which leads to problems with dry skin, reduced oil production, itching, prematurely aging, flaking, and scaling…
Poor air quality in the home can lead to skin health issues, and cause problems like acne and eczema.

Keep your humidity in order

Skin is the largest organ in the body, and 64% of it is water! Skin relies on moisture to work in peak condition and to look its best. Humidity is one of the most important factors on skin, researchers have found just that a 30% drop in humidity can lead to fine wrinkles in as little as 30 minutes.

Stay hydrated, drink a lot of water and improve your skin by fixing your home’s air quality. Schedule an HVAC cleaning appointment and enjoy the benefits of beautiful, glowy, and clean skin!

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