How to Decrease Humidity in Your Home During Summer?

Humidity and hot summer days don’t get along. When the air is humid, hot days can only turn into hell. Not only that you feel uncomfortable and sweaty, but you can also get sick. So, how to decrease humidity in your home to feel comfortable in your skin?

1. Humidistat and Dehumidifier

Get the humidistat to measure your home humidity levels. The ideal indoor humidity range is 30-50%. When the humidity levels are higher than 50%, it is time to use the dehumidifier to remove excess water from your environment.

2. Air Condition

Use your AC more frequently. By doing so, you introduce cold, fresh air into your home while removing hot, humid air. Also, the temperature will drop a little bit, making you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Make sure your ducts are clean, so the air you breathe is fresh, free of dust and debris.

3. Cotton clothes

It is not a matter of fashion. On hot, humid summer days, the only fabric that can make you feel comfortable is cotton. Cotton can keep you cool and dry as opposed to artificial materials such as polyester.

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