HVAC and Skin Beauty

An essential part of a cozy home atmosphere is a comfortable indoor climate. To achieve it, you will need to adjust your HVAC system to  provide an ideal indoor air temperature and quality ventilation. If that’s not the case, you can expect to be uncomfortable in your own
home and your skin. It is commonly known that HVAC malfunctions can damage your skin.

The usual skin related problems caused by HVAC  malfunctions are:

-Dry skin
-Reduced oil production
-Prematurely aging
-Flaking and scaling
-ItchingIf you have been experiencing some of these symptoms, usually it is because of the poorly maintained HVAC system. Here is what you can
do to prevent these temporary but annoying skin problems.

Prevention of skin problems

Drink a lot of water
Apply a moisturizer regularly
Schedule an appointment with your dermatologist
Change your HVAC filter regularly
Schedule an HVAC cleaning appointment
Use a humidifier

If you follow these rules, you will create a perfectly healthy indoor environment, and your skin would be healthy and radiant.

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